Making Good

Cosmic 2018

After a successful pilot, BYUtv bought one season of Making Good. Cosmic Pictures came to me for a brand that could flex across the 12 episodes they would edit and deliver over the next year.

My contributions
illustration, brand, type
The story at the heart of Making Good didn't need much explaining. The audience learns all they need to know in the first 30 seconds of the show. The thing in question, the part design could help with, was giving the viewer the opportunity to empathize and connect with Kirby as a person.
The pitch that resonated with Jack Mergist, Making Good's showrunner, leveraged color, type, and illustration from late 50s Betty Crocker cookbooks, and the illustration style of Alain Grée.
Gosh Wide Medium
Nibley Small Semibold
Throughout the process we talked a lot about making sure the in-house team at Cosmos didn't get stuck with a brand that needed a full time letterer or illustrator to implement it day in day out.
The deliverables included a 28 page pdf guidelines for editors, vendors, and caption or title designers.
Optical sizes for the title.
The rollout
With branding projects, my work ends where the real work begins. Nine months after the hand-off, I got to see the roll out of the brand across all its many touchpoints. It was fun to see all the ways their talented team put my tiny ideas into social media campaigns and full length episodes.
“Gee wiz the guidelines cleared up any confusion, leaving me to focus on the creative work.”
Jeff Wiggins Designer, all-around great guy
Kyle is an art director, letterer and illustrator in Sunny Oakland California. He runs Very Cool for a love of the game, is a brand lead at Intercom for love of the wage, and stumbles at Song Club Records for love of the fame.